Marjorie Angela Craig

Chair, Political Action Committee
Our San Jose Chapter is committed to empowering voters through education and access, to ensure full voting rights and political representation. The Political Action Committee, chaired by Marjorie A. Craig, is committed to reaching these goals by providing training, and, developing new strategies to obtain these rights and protections established by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. Mrs. Craig served as Life Membership Chair, and College Youth Advisor, San Jose NAACP, and board member, African American Community Service Agency in the sixties. She is Founder and President of Help Kenyan Children Survive, and Thrive, Inc., an organization serving vulnerable Kenyan children. She is a retired professional nurse with a MS, Nursing, UC, SF. Her career included public health nursing, teaching, psychiatric nursing, counseling, and administration in higher education.