La'Sha Heard

La ‘Sha Heard Treasurer, grew up in Alabama during the Jim Crow era where she was one of three Black Pilot Students at the age of 12 to integrate an all-white school prior to integration. Her mission was then and still being to bring understanding, peace, justice, and equality to all people. She attended Jacksonville State University and graduated from South University in Business. McCowen and Jones Law Firm Accounting Manager San Jose Christian College. Proud Mother of two -Stacy Bowen and Clarence Bowen. Grandmother of 5- Kaniel, Summer, Makayla, Taylor, and Ayesha. LA ‘Sha has traveled across the United States and have had numerous speaking engagements spreading the word of God to the lost and to those seeking him. She believes her life is guided by God who she totally believes is in control of all things.