Elizabeth Kamya

Board Member
Being a NAACP member is an important way to support the organization’s work, stay informed about social justice issues, participate in advocacy and activism, and connect with like-minded individuals who are committed to advancing the cause of equality.We count on member’s like you to help keep our San Jose/Silicon Valley branch active as we continue protect the rights of African Americans and other marginalized groups. The NAACP has played a crucial role in fighting against racial discrimination and promoting social justice in the United States. It provides legal assistance to marginalized communities, advocates for policies that promote racial equality, and helps to educate the public about the history and ongoing impact of racism and discrimination. Overall, the NAACP has been an important force for social justice in the United States, working to promote racial equality, protect civil rights, and empower marginalized communities. However the NAACP relies on people like you to keep doing the good work. Please renew your membership with your unit number 1067 at your earliest convenience by going to Sincerely, Elizabeth Kamya San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACP Secretary